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What holds your attention, holds you. One of the best ways to change how you feel about anything is to change what you’re focusing on.

What you see is determined by what you are looking for.

The person filled with fear and doubt sees nothing but misery in their life and the world around them. I mean, come on, be realistic, (sarcasm) the world is falling apart, the economy sucks, only bad things are happening, nothing good ever happens for me. Gloom, doom, and despair rules their life.

However, the person filled with faith and positive expectations, sees the opposite. They see recession as the best time to start a business. They see the generosity of strangers helping the less fortunate. They see people being cured from ravaging disease. They see good overcoming evil.

Who is right? They both are. Yes there is much trouble and turmoil in our world (just watch the news.) Yet in the midst of the trouble and the turmoil there are many good things going on.

So how can both be right? It is because both see what they are looking for. There is an old story of two men behind bars. They looked out and one saw mud the other saw stars. Why? Because they saw what they looked for.

It important to remember, “What You See is What You Get.’ Today is a good day to stop focusing on the negative things happening in the world and start focusing on the positive things instead. What you focus on expands.

Raise your level of expectation from negative to positive. Start anticipating a turn around in your health, finances, and relationships.

Exercise positive faith by setting goals, changing what you speak out your mouth, make plans to reach your goals, and start working towards them.

My challenge for today, is change what you are looking for.

If you want to live a more positive and happy life, start looking for the good in others, the beauty in the world around you, the possibilities of what can be, and positive things in a far too negative world, and you will be surprised at what you see!

And always remember, what you focus on, expands.  in other words, the more good things you look for, the more you will see!

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