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Don’t Be Surprised IF Your Dreams Don’t Come True

G. Samuel Verret

We all have dreams.  Dreams of a better life, better health, better finances, better relationships, better accomplishments, better contributions etc…

Sadly, most people will never see these dreams become a reality.  Why?  Because they are unwilling to do what is necessary for them to come true.


You keep going to a job you hate, doing work that doesn’t interest you and working towards a career that you are not even remotely passionate about because that’s what society has conditioned you to do,

You keep spending money you don’t have on things you don’t want or need, and wonder why you never get ahead,

You don’t take care of your health, you abuse your body by ingesting things you know are harmful, dangerous, and even deadly, and wonder why you don’t have the necessary energy you need,

You don’t get enough rest or exercise,

You are more interested in being entertained by mind numbing movies, music, and activities and neglect developing your knowledge, talents, and developing your skills,

You spend your time with negative, cynical, and complaining people,

You are trying to impress others to gain their acceptance and approval,

You lack discipline, commitment, and persistence

You are easily swayed by the opinions of others,

You are afraid to take the leap of faith,

You neglect your relationship with God

Then, please don’t be surprised if you never see your dreams become a reality.

Your dreams will never be realized, as long as you keep doing what the majority of people are doing, thinking that things will somehow be different for you.

Your dreams will never be realized as long as you keep wishing and hoping that they will.

Your dreams will never be realized as long as you keep doing what you’ve always done expecting different results.

Your dreams will never be realized as long as you keep waiting for the perfect time.

Your dreams will never be realized as long as you refuse to take action towards them

Your dreams and desires alone are not enough.  For them to become a reality they must be pursued.  Pursuit is the proof of desire.  As long as you are only talking about what you are going to do, nothing changes.

If you want to see your dreams become a reality you must begin to:

Think differently – Train your mind to be more positive and optimistic.  See by faith what can be, not what currently is.  If you can truly believe in the dream in your heart, you have the ability to see your dreams become a  reality.  As Jesus taught, “All things are possible to him that believes.”

Be willing to make positive changes in your life.  Until you change, nothing changes.  If what you are doing isn’t working, change what you are doing.  Let go of whatever is holding you back – fear, doubt, unbelief, the opinions of others, past experiences, etc.…

Set goals – Goals give you something to aim at.  Goals help you live with purpose and intention.  Goals help you stay on track

Make a plan – Failure to plan is actually planning to fail.  Plans are simply action steps that move you towards your goals.  Well thought out plans are the roadmap to your destiny.

Take daily, consistent, action towards them – Without positive action nothing is accomplished.  Faith alone is not enough.  There must be action.

Quit making excuses – Excuses are nothing more than lies we tell ourselves for our lack of effort.  Too old, not smart enough, not having enough money or resources, race, social standing, are nothing more than excuses we tend to use for not trying.

Be determined – You must be totally committed to seeing your dream become a reality.  Determination is doing what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it or aren’t seeing results as fast as you would like.

Practice persistence – As Winston Churchill said, “Never, Never, Never, give up!

Your dreams can and will be realized if you quit wishing for them and start consistently, patiently, and persistently work for them!

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